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We have two open Postdoc positions!

  • Self-organizing properties of treadmilling filaments

Together with the group of Andela Saric we are also looking for a joint experimental postdoc to explore the self-organizing properties of growing and shrinking cytoskeletal filaments. Specifically, we want to study how the protein FtsZ – a bacterial tubulin homolog essential for cell division – forms treadmilling filaments, which dynamically grow and die, organizing into large-scale cytoskeletal patterns. We will also study how this property has emerged and changed during evolution. 

Please find more information about this positions here.

  • Reconstitution of small GTPase signalling

Funded by our ERC-funded project GTPaseNet, we are looking for biochemists or biophysicists who want to combine in vitro reconstitution experiments with quantitative fluorescence microscopy, image analysis and cryoEM.

Please find more information about the positions here.

PhD students

Interested PhD student candidates should apply to the IST Austria Graduate school.

In exceptional cases it’s possible to start any time of the year as a scientific intern and join the program later. Applicants should have a M.Sc. degree in biological sciences with an excellent academic record. 

Master students & student interns

Students interested in doing an internship should contact Martin directly.
Even though IST Austria does not award Master degrees itself, it is possible to do an experimental project here.